Self-directed 401k funding puts you in control of your investment.

The idea of using your retirement money to fund your business is not a new idea, but we understand that it may be new to you. That is why our primary goal is to educate you on the process and help you to realize the many benefits of utilizing a self-directed 401k.

Here are just a few of the benefits for you:

  • Savings

    The CatchFire Self-Directed 401k program assists you in rolling over retirement funds under the ERISA 1974 guidelines. Normally, an early distribution from your retirement plan could cost you up to 50% in taxes and penalties. Using the CatchFire Self-Directed 401k program, you will be able to invest your own retirement funds into your new business or franchise without losing any of your hard-earned savings.

  • Self-Investment

    Control the success of your future by reinvesting money into your own business and retirement plan as you wish.

  • Business Investment

    Use your retirement funds to invest in your business and also to pay for marketing expenses, working capital, staff, equipment, etc. Watch your business grow without accruing debt from bank loans and interest payments.

  • Simplicity

    The CatchFire Self-Directed 401k program normally takes two to three weeks to complete. Your funds are usually available toward the end of the third week or shortly thereafter. A CatchFire Client Manager will work with you personally throughout the entire process and is always available to answer questions.

Simple 4-step Process