The way you initially fund your business is critical for your future success.

When it comes to business funding, many people view the process as just another step in the journey toward business ownership – something to check off the list.

While it’s true that your ability to secure business funding is a means to an end, the way you fund your business can have a much bigger impact on the future of your business than you can imagine.

What hardly anyone realizes is this: traditional business funding saddles your new business with debt and cash flow issues during the critical first few years when you can least afford it.

At CatchFire Funding, our goal is to help you fund your dreams of business ownership by taking on as little debt as possible. With this in mind, we can help you utilize any combination of the funding options below to get you to your goals faster, more efficiently, and in the best possible position for future success.

Types of Funding

Self-Directed 401K

By utilizing existing retirement money you can skip the embarrassment of groveling in front of your banker for a loan, approve yourself, and start your business or franchise on the right foot – debt-free and cash-rich. Learn more about this incredibly powerful business funding alternative.

SBA Loans

Guaranteed by the Small Business Administration, SBA loans can be a great way to fund your small business or franchise. As an affiliate of Diamond Financial, the largest SBA loan brokerage in the country, CatchFire has access to the largest network of lenders in the United States.

Conventional Loans

Sometimes conventional loans can make the most sense. At CatchFire Funding, we offer a variety of conventional loan options. We can determine together what will be the best fit for your business funding needs.

Equipment Leasing

A smart way to grow your business or franchise without incurring out-of-pocket expense is to lease equipment rather than buy it. We can assist you with your leasing options and structure a flexible repayment program.

Recently Funded Franchise Businesses