Buying a franchise –
is it the right fit for you?

Franchising can provide a wonderful way for you to go into business for yourself – without being by yourself. Especially for first-time business owners, buying a franchise seems to be that sweet spot, right in the middle of the entrepreneurial landscape. It’s not too risky or too expensive (depending on the franchise, of course) and the return is really up to you and how much effort you’re willing to put forth.

The advantages afforded by the ability to operate under an established brand name with a successful track record should not be underestimated. It’s kind of like having road map with a well-beaten path vs. struggling to find your own way.

If you decide to go down that franchise path, there will be many decisions to make and even more questions to ask. For example:

  • What kind of franchise do you want, and in what industry?
  • What investment level are you willing to consider?
  • What type of owner do you want to be?
  • Can you operate within an established system?
  • How can you be sure a franchise is right for you?

The good news is that you don’t have to make these decisions all on your own. At CatchFire Funding, we have franchise consultants on staff who have successfully matched hundreds of aspiring business owners with their ideal franchise businesses.

With unique insight on many different franchise opportunities, our consultants clear the confusion and steer your search in the direction that makes the most sense – all at no cost to you.

Once we learn your goals and your available funding options, we can make expert franchise recommendations.

Let’s have a zero-obligation conversation whenever you’re ready.