We turn dreams of business ownership into reality.

Whether you grew up destined and determined to own your own business, or the idea of entrepreneurship is a relatively new concept, all business ventures start with the same two things:

  1. A passionate and unrelenting will to succeed.
  2. Funding.

The way we see it, number one is up to you, and number two – that’s where CatchFire Funding comes into the picture.

We’re here to help you fund your dreams of business ownership, but we hope to help you do so much more.

Choosing the Right Business

If you’re at the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey, we can assist you in finding the business or franchise that meets your needs – and not the other way around. To succeed in business and reach your personal goals, you shouldn’t have to fit a predetermined mold – the business or franchise should fit you.

Your Funding Options

If you’ve already got a business in mind, we can pick up right there as well. Often times, it helps to discuss funding options before you find a business, but we are well experienced in all scenarios.

Whether traditional loans, SBA loans, self-directed 401k rollovers or a combination of sources, we will determine the funding mix that makes the most sense for you.

Why CatchFire?

When it comes to business funding, we know that you have your pick of capable, competent companies. What we hope to demonstrate for you, is that CatchFire views each customer as a potential long-term partner. Funding is merely the first step toward business ownership. Once your doors are open, that’s when the real guidance is needed – and we’ll stay right there with you, every step of the way.