5 Things You’re NOT Going to Miss About the Corporate World

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If you’re reading this blog – or really, any of the information on my website – it’s because you’re contemplating business ownership. For many of my clients, this means making the leap from employee to entrepreneur.

There is zero doubt that this is a daunting proposition, but once you take the giant leap of faith, you’ll soon realize the endless benefits to taking the reins of your own business.

Once you break free from the velvet shackles of your corporate job, it won’t be long before you start counting all the things you don’t miss about the 8 to 5 daily grind. The corporate experience that makes you shout TGIF with the utmost enthusiasm.

Here are just 5 things you’re not going to miss…

1. Not getting the credit you’re due (standing in your boss’ shadow)

Many employees are in the situation where the next step is for their boss to be promoted so they can be promoted into their boss’ position. That’s not a very productive career path: being in the boss’ shadow until they step aside or move up.

You also get this situation where people feel that they are not getting the credit they’re due. They work really hard, but they never get promoted. This is common in environments with less dynamic change, and it’s highly discouraging.

If you’re in an organization that isn’t changing much, your opportunity is that you need someone above you, or several people above you to be promoted. Then, you have the dominos and you can finally be promoted; this can take YEARS to happen.

Or, you can have competition with someone at the next desk – they have the same goals as you. Perhaps your peer (the person you have lunch with every week) has the same goals, and then one day they become your boss. There’s an angst to the whole process.

The corporate ladder typically has one lane. If you can’t bypass, you have to sit back and wait until a golden opportunity lands on your lap, and sometimes it never comes. You can’t make that happen, it has to happen from outside factors. You’re not in control.

2. Corporate politics

This involves a variety of different agendas and being able to get out from underneath or behind, and having to service other people’s self-interests and goals. Those other agendas and goals aren’t necessarily conducive to the grand scheme of the employer’s deal.

A lot of the politics comes down to the “personal” things you have to deal with. Many times they aren’t in line with the company’s goals, and they are certainly not in line with your goals. But, you have no choice but to go along with these agendas, whether you agree with them or not. It’s “their way” or the highway. 

3. Working overtime (generally for free) for someone else’s benefit

Looking back to when I worked overtime for salary, there wasn’t any monetary benefit and it was generally an expected deal.

4. Not having control or flexibility of schedule

When you’re an employee, you don’t have control or flexibility over your schedule. In contrast, when you own your own business, even at the outset, you’re still in a position to prioritize.

If there are important things in your life that are a high priority, such as an event with a child or grandchild…you’re afforded the opportunity to make a decision. What’s more important, something in the office or outside the office?

You often don’t get that opportunity when you’re in an employment situation.

Yes, when you start or buy a business, there’s a lot of hard work and long days, but at least the benefit is that when you need 30 or 60 minutes to attend or take care of something, you’re certainly there for yourself or your family.

5. The ax constantly swaying just above your head

In the corporate environment, there is this uncertainty: Business conditions change. People at the top change priorities. The investor group is out and suddenly a whole new regime comes in. The certainty in your position and in what you do can certainly be affected.

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