start your business debt-free
by making your retirement money work for you now.

Don't let unreasonable loans hold you back from pursuing dreams of owning your own business. Let us show you how to use your own money to both finance today and invest in tomorrow. When you fund your business with a self-directed 401k, you will:

  • Secure funding fast - typically 2 to 3 weeks or less
  • Gain cash flow and build equity from the start
  • Accrue NO debt, NO taxes, NO penalties

If you're interested in discussing your funding needs and options, we're happy to share our
knowledge and experience. Our goal is to see you Succeed in Business and Retire Wealthy. The journey can start today.

Establish Corporation

CatchFire Funding will establish the corporation or work with your legal counsel to ensure the incorporation process is completed accurately. {learn more}

Formalize 401K Plan

The CatchFire Self Directed 401k Plan is created to allow for investment into your new corporation. The corporation becomes a sponsor of the new 401k Plan. {learn more}

401K Rollover

CatchFire Funding will guide you through the requirements of transferring your retirement funds from your previous employer or IRA into the new 401k Plan. {learn more}

Funding With Your 401K

The 401k Plan is now able to invest qualified shares of stock in the new corporation. Your Corporation is officially funded and you are able to purchase your new business or franchise debt-free. {learn more}

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frequently asked questions -
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Why do business with CatchFire Funding?


We're passionate about helping you build a great future for... {answer}


Is the self-directed 401k different from 401k programs I have already participated in?


Our retirement program follows the same laws as the retirement... {answer}


Can I offer this retirement plan as a benefit to my employees?


Yes. By law, any employee that meets the eligibility requirements... {answer}


Will employees be allowed to invest in company stock?


The short answer is yes, absolutely. Your employees will be given a... {answer}


Is this a complicated process?


Not at all. We can educate you on the process in less than an hour... {answer}
"...We could not have made it happen..."

CatchFire Funding was an important part of the successful start of our new business. Bill and the CatchFire staff made the process so easy. Their focus on clearly helping us un... {read more}

Matco Tools

"...CatchFire Funding lets you focus..."

I would – and have – recommended the 401k funding process to other people, including franchisees in my group. What Bill and his team have created is a straightforward process that lets you f... {read more}

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CatchFire Funding is committed to excellence in franchising and supporting the IFA through participation and industry leadership.

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We are accredited by the BBB, and proud to honor our commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve any consumer complaints.

our guarantee

You can get back every penny of your incorporation and Self-Directed 401k fees if .... {read more}